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          电话:021-62745453 62745505

          Shanghai Kaiyi Garment Co. Ltd. was established in 2002, located in Shanghaimart, Hongqiao Development Zone.Thecompanyprovides allkindsofuniform to meet the requests from different enterprisesorgroups.After years of efforts and development, we have successfully have provided productsandservices to hotels, property management companies, transportation, finance and other industries, nearly 10,000 enterprises. All the customersare satisfied with our products and service.
          In order to adapt to the needs of modern enterprise customers, the company offers full range of uniforms with stock and custom-made orders, and we constantly optimize supply chain management, in order to quickly meet the basic needs of customers, at the same time take into account the personalized aesthetic requirements of customers. We will continue to improve product quality and service, customers’ satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

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          电话:021-62745453 62745505 传真:021-62746176 手机:13391273955
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